Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So i'm going to start one too..

Oh well; almost everyone i know has already joined the blog brigade so i might as well too. Ive been thinking of a good name for the past hour anyway. After trying to come up with a name myself( the entire effort must have lasted a minute or two) i decided to google movie catchphrases and popular blog names. I flirted a little bit with the movie phrases, adding a play on the words here and there. "The darker night", "melon ?roo?g?"(to rhyme with moulin rouge), "you_have_no_write", "pulp friction", and a few more but didn't like any of them.
Then i remembered this top 100 list i had read once of those phrases which contain words opposite in meaning one after the other. And for some stupid reason, i couldn't think of a single example. Googled "easy hard", "good bad" and all the possible combinations of 'opposite' 'antonyms' 'consecutive' 'phrase' before i remembered a member of the list : Virtual reality. How iritated i was when i realized i had been looking for oxymorons the whole time and amazingly had used the word 'oxymoron' in a sentence today itself. So i combined two of my favourite oxymorons to get the blog's name. I'm quite happy with it actually. There are so many times that i decide at the last minute not to become a member of a networking site just because i cant settle on what username to have or what profile description i should have. But here i am, blogging away!
So anyway, the name is open to interpretation. The way i figure it out, 'we are the dead' (or the'living dead') and we are 'pretty ugly'. We being society.
So enough about the name. In case you don't know me, I'm Apoorv Gupta. I'm studying industrial engineering at IIT-Delhi. My parents moved to Indiana, USA when i graduated from high school. So thats where i spend my vactaions now, and Bloomington, Indiana is where I am currently located (atleast till this Friday), before i leave for Delhi on yet another 15-freaking-hour flight from chicago to delhi.
Welcome to my blog.